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Courses- SAP BPC

BPC 10.1 & 10.0 Course content

  • BPC 10.1 Positioning Overview: Embedded Model and PAK
  • The NW HTML5 Web Client and Web Reporting
  • Data Integration – BW Overview and Info Providers
  • Data Integration – IP Modeler
  • IP Planning Functions, FOX Code and SQL Script
  • Data Integration – Planning-Enabled Queries
  • BPC Embedded Environments Models and Local Providers
  • BPC Embedded Data Audit BPFs and Work Status
  • EPM Add-in Planning and Reporting
  • Security Migration and Transports

         BPC 10.0 NW Administration & Planning

         UNIT 1: BPC overview & Architecture

         Business Objects – Overview and Advantages of BPC

         Concepts of Planning& Consolidation

         Business Planning and Consolidation – Some Modeling Aspects

         Terminology  & comparison of BPC objects vs BW

         Environment Management

         Dimension Management

         UNIT 2:  Models

         Overview of Data modeling

         Dimension Types & properties

         Creating Models

         UNIT 3:Packages &  DATAManager

         Overview of Data Loading process in BPC

         Transformation & Conversions

         Flat file loading

         Loading from BW using Data manager Package

         Data manager configuration

         Using the Data Manager functionality & Configuration.

         (Master Data, Hierarchy, text , Transactional data loading)

         Uploading Currency Exchange Rates

         Process Chains

         Real time loading issues  & fix

         UNIT 4: Reporting & Input Templates

         Overview of EPM Add- In Component

         Build Basic Report & Input Template


         Excel Add-In Advanced Features


         Book Templates

         Enable Comments


         DrillThrough Functionality

         New Web Client

         PowerPoint & Word Documents

         Practical Input Schedule& Reporting Scenarios & work arounds.


         Logic Script and Online Execution

         Logic Script and Central Execution

         Logic Script and Allocation

         Logic Script and ABAP Integration

         Dimension Member Formulas


         How to manage Life Cycle of BPF Instances: Create/Start, Suspend, Reset, Archive

         How to manage assignment of Process and Activity Instances

         E-Mail notification


         Explain MS Word Integration with BPC 10.0

         Explain MS PPT Integration with BPC 10.0

         UNIT 8: BPC 7.5 MIGRATION

         How to migrate BPC 7.5 Reports built with former EV Functions

         How to migrate BPC 7.5 EVDRE Reports

         UNIT 9: Security  Audit & Workstatus

         BPC Security functionality overview

         Work Status


         Work Spaces

         BOPC 10.0, NW Consolidation

         UNIT 1: Overview of Consolidation 

         Performing consolidations with Planning & Consolidation

         Business Rules

         Dimensions, Properties, and Loading Master Data

         Consolidation Logic Unit

         UNIT 2: Ownership data and elimination methods 

         Ownership Process

         Setting up ownership Data

         Method Concepts : Purchase , Proportional & Equity Method

         UNIT 3: Journal entries

         Business Scenario for using Journal Entries

         Creating Journal Templates ,Control Journal Activity

         Creating Journal Entries

         UNIT 4: Setup & execution of consolidation tasks

         Balance Carry Forward


         Currency Translation

         Eliminations (PurchaseMethod,Proportional Method,Equity Method,Ownership)

         Intercompany Matching& Eliminations

         US Eliminations

         Currency Translation

         UNIT 5:Balancing script logic & Consolidaiton Monitor

         Balancing Logic Business Scenario

         Using the Consolidation Monitor

         UNIT 6: management of the BPCProcess


         Work Status


         Auditing Processes


         UNIT 7: Business Process Flows (BPF) 

         BPF Overview

         Setting up  & Execution of BPFs

         Inter Unit Elimination and US Elimination

         UNIT 8: Migration Process

         Migration to BPC10.0

         Upgrading to BPC10.0

         Report Migration to BPC10.0

         Upgrading EV Functions& EvDRE Reports


         BPC Implementation Knowledge in the areas of

         Demand Planning

         Sales Planning

         expense Planning

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